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The first online video community for Paramedical Personnel and Emergency Medical Service departments nationwide, ParamedicTV.com offers members of the fire and rescue community a full-featured, interactive environment to view and upload an unlimited number of industry-focused videos. Similar to EMS1.com, ParamedicTV features sections focused on key Emergency Medical Service topics, video tips and training segments, as well as a growing product demo/virtual trade show video section.
ParamedicTV’s videos are fully integrated into relevant content sections of EMS1.com, as well as the site’s home page, reaching almost 250,000 unique visitors that come to EMS1.com each month. ParamedicTV combines the latest online video technology with well-established Emergency Medical Service resources and expertise, creating an interactive environment for paramedics and EMS departments from around the world to view and upload video that will both entertain and help them stay informed, train and better protect their communities.

NOTE: The videos on this site are user-submitted and are not specifically approved by EMS1 or ParamedicTV for training purposes, except where noted. Some videos may demonstrate improper EMS training techniques and unsafe behavior. Please seek proper departmental approvals and exercise caution if you attempt to use these videos for instructive purposes. 
ParamedicTV is part of the EMS1 network, which also includes EMS1.com and Paramedic.com. EMS1 is dedicated to serving the Emergency Medical Service community by providing these members with the most complete range of information and resources available. In a profession where lives depend on thorough knowledge and training, it is vital that emergency medical services have a single, comprehensive resource to keep them informed about the most current medical news and technology and help them easily locate research and analysis in a timely fashion.
ParamedicTV and EMS1 are supported by the Praetorian Group, the proven leader in online public safety resources. The experience and resources of the Praetorian Group has yielded a trusted and reliable online environment for the exchange of information between paramedics and EMS departments from across the Unites States and around the world.


Advertising on ParamedicTV
ParamedicTV and EMS1 are primarily advertising supported. We work with companies which provide safe, effective and reliable products to the Emergency Medical Service market and believe in EMS1’s mission. All proceeds are reinvested in the operation of ParamedicTV/EMS1 and in the provision of information and services to the EMS  community. We ask that you support our sponsors and visit our product categories when conducting product research or when making product purchases.

If you are a manufacturer, distributor, service provider or technology company targeting the paramedic and EMS market, ParamedicTV and EMS1 provide an outstanding medium for marketing and advertising.

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