Bøygard, Koma Heim

Music: Bøygard sisters. Lyrics: A girl who asked if she could use the phone... -I just wondered if i could come home, -just for tonight ? The night-shelter is full, and in the basement of the station,-it`s cold and raw I just wondered mom, cos it`s still not to late, -and tonight i`m nearly clean I`v been sitting all day at Tøyen subway station, -im cold into the marrow and the body is full of infections I have swollen upp in the face, -so i can`t make anny money Im ill and broke, -and alone -mom, now i just wants to go home I just wondered, if i could come home Just for tonight I`m so tiered, i have not slept for several days Anny place i come, the doors is closed I wont stay, i won`t bother you, -won`t ask for pills or cash All i need now is a bed I`m just wondering -mom, cos it`s still not to late, becouse tonight i`m nearly clean I just wondered if i could come home,-just for tonight? http://www.toveboygard.net ExEMTNor

Uploaded by ExEMTNor October 15, 2016

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