Y o u `r Payed to help, -or Hate ..?

Brenda Myers Powell "Dreamcatcher- A Story of Personal Strength" Posted on EMS1: ""I have heard people say that this demeans drug addicts and can hurt their feelings/pride... GOOD, nothing else seems to be working and this is a major problem in our area. Maybe a dose of reality might set in and make them think, maybe it will hurt their feelings and they get help, however if you think hurt feelings is the bigger issue, then obviously you have idea how bad it is! ! ! "" http://thedreamcatcherfoundation.org/staff/brenda-myers-powell/ The film: https://youtube/RBHpJrSDWB4 Pink Floyd "Hey You": https://youtube/TFjmvfRvjTc -It takes a village ! Shot 5 times, stabbed 13... She`s a true heroine, IMHO ! I tip my hat... ExEMTNor

Uploaded by ExEMTNor November 04, 2016

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