How to S h o c k Norwegian midwives:

Norwegian Midwives reacting to "birth meter"... During my edukation,i was trained by:Midwives (Theori+Live Birth), Physicians:Prof.Emergency, Anesthesiologists,Internist,Pediatrician,more. Surgeons: Orthopaedic, Neurosurgeon, Abdominal, Army.Psychiatrists:General,Specialist -Crisis/Disaster,Traffic. Other: Priest, Overdose team, Personnel -Rehabilitation-institusjon,Many specialized nurses,Anesthesia,Dive-Medical, Hygiene, many more.Firefighters:Leaders for;Dangerous goods, Extraction -Road accidents,More.Road engineer,Train personnel,Civilian rescue experts, Leading Rescuer Norwegian Air Ambulance(NLA),HEMS Tec.(NLA),Pilot (NLA),HEMS Doc.(NLA) Police:Operational Leader,Crime Tec./"CSI".,Driving Instructors.Many more,Can`t remember all.Back then 3 exams:Medical,Rescue Technical,Emergency Driving. Have cut many wrecked cars,Lifted train,Been inside burning car wrecks, Extinguished Same,Extracted Skydiver 12 meter upp in tree,Learned all basics -Fire Engine(Fome,Etc.)Mutch More-Hands on

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