[Webcast] It’s About Time: Every Second Counts with STEMI Patient Care

Time is critical in the ability to care efficiently and effectively for patients, especially for STEMI cases. To remain viable in today’s cost- and quality-focused healthcare environment, hospitals must strive to achieve best practice patient care (or exceed such measures) while demonstrating strong clinical competencies for top results at the lowest operational cost. Meanwhile, technology and treatment advances are also changing the way patient care is provided and streamlined, including care from prehospital entry through discharge.

During this special 2017 Heart Month education session, Corazon is partnering with Pulsara to discuss:
- Patient safety, continuing education and satisfaction within the care continuum;
- Technology as a means to provide real-time data to accelerate time-to-treatment for critical care patients;
- Developing standardized, evidence-based algorith

Uploaded by EMS1video May 23, 2017

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