Worlds Overdose Awareness Day August 2016

Time to get the finger O u t ..! Nuff said, It Time To ACT ! If I should introduce this here,I would take my medical officer,-superior Anesthesia department aside, and ask for 5 minutes... Asked him if he knows about the overdose day?-Asked if it was ok that I spent some time/resources on organizing something..?(Knowing he had been"All in")Then I had knocked on the door to the CEO,-asked for 5 minutes. Explained what I wanted -if the hospital could contribute anything more -than to give me a little slack..?(Time/++).Then I had talked with my daily leader :-) Then right down to the town hall, with the Ambulance,-in uniform, asked for a word with the mayor, put forward the idea of ​​something -if they could contribute something (-Loan the town hall?Technical department -Stage,-Sound eqipment,More..!(Mini Concert?)-So right to local press.Police... Are they mature enugh to lett drugs be drugs this day?-Connect in a positive way..? NGOs ..? M o s t Importent is info on Rehab./First Aid !!

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