10 New Beech King Air B250 + 1 Cessna Citation Latitude :-)

Start video at 2 minutes. A B200 taking of from Alta. We are replacing the fix-wing ambulances, and adding a jet, for better and safer service. Glass cocpits, best avionics and medical eqipment. The jet is better for ECMO transport etc. The jet will be at Oslo airport. 8 B250 on standby, -2 extra ( -During maint. on aircraft, and faster to fly a macine directly to a base, if tec. problem, so the crew don`t hawe to go and pick up working machine, -they get it delivered. Original plan was 2 jet, but "Health North" did not find / wanted to use the money. ( Norway divided innto 4 healt-regions wwith own budgets ) There was also a local debate about response-time, some would get bit longer time. Not ShortTakeOfLanding capasety on the jet. ( Norway have 26 STOL (800 meter) airports for local traffic. ) Always sorry for my sorry English... ExEMTNor

Uploaded by ExEMTNor September 14, 2017

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